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What Causes Cracks?

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What Causes Cracks? There are four kinds of cracks: Hairline cracks Normally not serious and caused by a new building settling within the first two years. Hairline cracks can also form at the exposed top end of flat walls and parapets, if they are not sealed with a good waterproof paint. These cracks are caused by dew and rain water lying on top of the wall and penetrating the wall Read More

Painting Techniques

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Painting techniques When choosing to paint a room or a piece of furniture in your home, there are quite a few techniques that could be applied to enhance the general aesthetics. If you feel like doing ‘something different’ look at the different types of applications below: Ageing: This look is created by making the furniture seem aged and distressed. A piece of ‘aged’ furniture usually has faded colour (whites usually Read More

Paint For Metal Surfaces

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Paint for metal surfaces To enhance and protect metal surfaces, the correct metal coating should be applied, in the correct way. Before application of a metal coating paint, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt or grease, primed to protect the surface and create better adhesion of the paint to the surface. Most metal surfaces requires a metal coating for better lifespan and durability, surfaces would include Read More

How To Treat Mildew

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How To Treat Mildew? Mildew is a fungi and the term is generally used to refer to mold growth. These fungi can thrive on a wide variety of organic materials, especially ceilings, walls and floors in your home. This usually happens in spaces where there is not enough dry air circulation and too much moisture. Mildew will continue to spread until the problem is addressed. Mildew is usually black or Read More

How To Deal With Damp

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How to deal with damp Plascon Dampseal is a white, synthetic polymer heavy textured paste which comes in a single pack. This water-barrier coating fixes the effects of rising and intrusive dampness, on both interior and exterior surfaces. Uses for Plascon Dampseal: Can be used both interior & exterior. Ideal for rooms where dampness regularly occur (bathrooms, cellars, living rooms etc). Benefits of Plascon Dampseal: An excellent sealant. It protects Read More

What is VOC?

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What is VOC? VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that rapidly vaporize in the air. As soon as they enter the air, they react with other elements to produce ozone, which causes air pollution and result in possible health issues like breathing problems, headache, eye irritation and nausea. Some VOC’s have been linked to cancer, as well as other organ problems. Environmentally, this is a big issue in Read More

Benefits Of Low VOC Paint

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The benefits of low or no VOC paints VOC are organic chemical compounds which have significant vapour pressures and which can affect the environment and human health negatively. For a more eco-friendly option, use paints with low or no VOC to not only benefit the environment, but your own health too. In buildings that especially need to maintain good air quality like schools and hospitals, it is crucial to use Read More

Painting Quotes

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Painting Quotes We often get a call where someone request a per square meter price for painting as they have been quoted a per square meter price by someone else. Often unscrupulous paint contractors give a per square meter price to get the job, but once on the job there is all kind of “extras” as the client never disclosed certain details. PLEASE NOTE: The following can influence quotes drastically: Read More

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Propaint Goes Eco Friendly

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 Propaint goes eco-freindly At Pro Paint we believe not only in providing world class service, but also in using products that are cost effective and eco-friendly. We pride ourselves on not only caring about the quality of work we provide, but also the environment and the footprints we leave. We have included some new eco-friendly, more green options to the products we use. Emissions from VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that Read More