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Industrial Paint

Industrial Roof Paint

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Industrial Roof Paint We normally do not spend much time looking at our industrial roofs, nor give it much thinking, that is until it starts leaking or giving problems. The difference between an industrial roof coating and regular roof paint, is that industrial roof paint is defined by its protective, rather than aesthetic qualities, even though it can also be visually pleasing. If you have a metal industrial roof, it Read More

Industrial Cooling Paint

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Industrial Cooling Paint Some roofs and buildings need to stay cool during our somewhat harsh South African climate in the summer – places like poultry houses, pig houses, seed warehouses, fresh produce package sheds and many more and Cosmodec’s Sno-cote is the perfect product. Sno-Cote cooling paint with infra-red thermal radiation reflectors, is applied to the roofs of buildings (also walls where necessary) for cooling the structure dramatically. When the Read More

High Performance Coatings

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High Performance Coatings Sigma Coatings is a formidable leader in the industrial coatings industry providing durable, high performance coatings over many decades for exceptional protection of structures in some of the most aggressive environment conditions the world has to offer. Some of the products in their range are SIGMADUR, SIGMACOVER, SIGMATHERM, SIGMAPRIME to name but a few. Used for the protection of ships, outdoor structures who need more than regular Read More

Industial Coatings

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Industrial Coatings Industrial coatings are paints that are applied on various hardwearing surfaces like concrete or steel. It is applied to not only be decorative, but to offer superior protection on these surfaces. On the market there are quite a few different industrial paints like resins, dry film lubricants, xylene amongst others. Plascon recently introduced new products to fall in line with other products – Protective Coatings & Professional. In Read More