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What Is Eco Friendly Paint?

What is Eco-friendly paint? Eco-friendly paints are products which contains low or no VOCs, contains no lead or mercury, fungicides or pesticides or any other harmful ingredients like formaldehyde. Even though some companies claim that the products are ‘eco-friendly’, they still contain VOC Solvents, chemical pigments and fungicides, making it Read More

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Water Based Enamel Paint

Water based Enamel Paint This tough, odourless, exterior water-based enamel paint is a unique polyurethane acrylic which dries to smooth, velvety medium sheen finish. It is environmentally friendly and can be used to paint both interior and exterior surfaces. Duram NuGlo is non-yellowing and UV resistant, enhanced by polyurethane for Read More

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Fireplace Paint

Fireplace Paint Plascon Fireplace Paint is a semi-matt black water-based paint with a self-priming finish. This heat-resistant paint is most suitable for metal fireplaces and mild steel applications. Uses for Plascon Fireplace Paint: This black paint is ideal for metal fireplaces and mild steel applications. Used as self-priming paint on Read More

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Options For Wood Painting

Options For Wood Painting Natural wood often need to be painted for protection or effect. Choosing the right product can prolong the life of the wood as well as greatly reduce future maintenance costs. As wood contract and expand with temperature fluctuations, which can be substantial if the wood is Read More

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Silicon Paints

Silicon Paints This silicate paint and coatings are made of water-glass and inorganic natural pigments combined using KEIM technology. These paints naturally compliments surfaces like concrete, mansonry, stone, CMU block, brick, stucco, renders, fibre-cement boards, drywall boards and all types of mineral substrates. Keim’s paint creates a permanent bond by Read More

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Plaster Primer

Plascon Plaster Primer Plascon Plaster Primer is a solvent based primer for gypsum and masonry surfaces. It acts as a good barrier between the new alkaline plaster and the painted topcoats. It can also be used as a binding agent for too soft or too powdery plaster, as well as Read More