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Consumer Advice

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What Causes Cracks?

What Causes Cracks? There are four kinds of cracks: Hairline cracks Normally not serious and caused by a new building settling within the first two years. Hairline cracks can also form at the exposed top end of flat walls and parapets, if they are not sealed with a good waterproof Read More

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Which is Better: Varnish or Preservative

Which is better: Varnish or Preservative (Exterior use) The right product for your wood can make a big difference in the longevity of the wood, irrespective if it is wooden windows, doors or a wooden deck. It can also make a significant difference to future maintenance and a wrong or Read More

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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning PROPAINT Painting & Renovations provides professional roof cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. Cleaning a roof is the process of removing any dirt, moss or algae or old chipped paint from your roof. By cleaning the roof of your property, it extends the roof life expectancy. Read More

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Painting Techniques

Painting techniques When choosing to paint a room or a piece of furniture in your home, there are quite a few techniques that could be applied to enhance the general aesthetics. If you feel like doing ‘something different’ look at the different types of applications below: Ageing: This look is Read More

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Paint For Non Slip Areas

Paint For Non Slip Areas Plascon Grip Additive is a non-slip additive for floor coatings, both interior and exterior, like stoep enamel. It is designed to provide a better grip and reduce slipperiness of wet surfaces, by adding a non-slip roughness to a painted floor or stoep. Uses for Plascon Read More

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Paint For Metal Surfaces

Paint for metal surfaces To enhance and protect metal surfaces, the correct metal coating should be applied, in the correct way. Before application of a metal coating paint, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt or grease, primed to protect the surface and create better adhesion of Read More