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Durable Roof Paint

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CALL US ON: 021 828 2228

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Crown Roof Paint

Crown Roof paint is an affordable, superior water-based acrylic paint used on cement-like and metal roofing. It has a smooth matt finish with great adhesion properties and excellent durability with a long lasting colour, making it ideal for the South African climate. This roof paint comes in red, green, black, brown, bright red, terracotta and grey for exterior application. It can also be used on cladded surfaces, galvanized garage doors and gutters and downpipes.

Benefits & features of Crown Roof paint:

  • High durability. Weather-resistant for long lasting protection.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Brushes and rollers are easily cleaned after application.
  • Easy application by brush, roller or airless spray.
  • Quick drying – may be over-coated within in one hour.
  • Smooth matt finish.crown_roof-paint

When using roof paint on galvanized metal, remove any oil, grease or dirt before applying new paint. On fibre-cement sheeting, remove all dirt and granules with a high-pressure water jet before applying the paint. However, painting of clay, slurry coated tiles, slate and wooden shingles is not recommended.

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