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Exterior Painting

Before the decision is made on what product will be used it is most important to understand what product will work best on the specific substrate. A top quality paint will not last long on a porous substrate even with proper preparation and primer as there is not ideal bonding. In a case like this it is better to apply a more economical coating and to redecorate the specific area more often if needed. Read More

Interior Painting

Specific areas that might need special attention as far as interior painting is concerned is areas like the kitchen where food is prepared. There often is a bit of a greasy build up in areas in close proximity to the stove. These areas should be cleaned properly with a bit of sugar soap before repainting. Ceiling areas in bathrooms where damp cause bleach fungal growth on the ceiling should be cleaned properly. Read More

Roof Painting

As roof paint is made to withstand the severe South African sun and weather conditions it is normally a high quality paint and can be used for several other purposes, like painting steel fencing and balustrades where it can outperform a more expensive alkyd enamel coating. Properly prepared and primed wood can also be painted with roof paint as it's durable and has very good water proofing qualities. Read More

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There are many reasons why you may not get what you paid for,

dishonesty is the most obvious however, incompetent/ inexperienced staff can also cause you to end up with an inferior end product.


Even though the staff are experienced enough

to know what furniture can be moved and what should just be covered there will be personal supervision as needed.

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You the client is the most important person in our business,

without you we would not be in business and therefore we promise to give you the Service and Quality you deserve at a competitive price.

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