Even though the staff are experienced enough to know what furniture can be moved and what should just be covered there will be personal supervision as needed.

Professional drop sheets is used on the floors, hessian on one side to absorb and dry any little paint drops very quickly and plastic on the opposite side to prevent any bigger drops from going through the hessian onto the carpet. Light soft coverings is used to cover other furniture when the ceiling is being painted to prevent any fine paint drops.

Although staff will be very careful with your belongings, the foreman will do a walk through in advance and discuss anything or area that might need special attention. Not only is the staff careful with your belongings but they will also take very good care of your garden when the exterior is done and see that the there is no unnecessary paint drops on the plants.

Paint rollers and brushes will be cleaned in a designated area to prevent any unnecessary mess and during the work process all equipment will be stored in the area as discussed in advance.

Having the interior of your house redone can be a harrowing experience if not done with great care. We realize that for most people having a bunch of strangers not only in their house but in their bedroom, moving furniture and other private belongings, removing or re-hanging curtains and pictures is not anyone’s idea of fun and that is why great care is taken to make it as comfortable as humanly possible.

We always try to get specific important areas like bedrooms done in one day to cause clients the least inconvenience possible.

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