During the roof painting process the preparation of the roof is of utmost importance. Roofs need to cleaned thoroughly with a high pressure cleaner before re-coating. In some instances a fungicidal should be added to paint that does not already have it as part of the make-up formula to help prevent future fungal growth. For certain roofs this is not needed as fungi don’t really grow on chromodek or other similar products because there is not enough damp, they can’t get a foothold on smooth roof surfaces and thirdly the roof gets too hot in summer which kills spores that might have germinated during the rainy season.


Roof painting on tiled roofs can either be done with airless roof spray or by applying the paint by hand.

On rough tiled roofs the paint goes on a lot thicker when applied by hand than when sprayed, as much of the paint is trapped between the rough particles on the tile. For this reason spraying can be done a lot more economical and faster.

On Chromodek roofs the difference is not as significant, however there still is a difference. Therefore there is nothing wrong with having a roof sprayed, as long as it is done properly.

New un-coated galvanized roofs should be de-greased thoroughly or left at least six months for the weather to remove the greasiness before painting the first time, as paint will simply not stick on new galvanized sheeting because of the thin coating of grease that it is covered in at the factory.


It is possible to have special colors made up and the easiest way is to mix two roof paints to make up a new color. It is not advisable to tint normal paint and use it as a roof paint, as roofs takes the direct sunlight most of the time and therefore are prone to fading if the proper UV resistant product is not used. Quality roof paint cost in access of R 1000 for 20 l but making use of economical Roofpaint is not advisable as the paint breaks down and the colors fade long before the quality products.

There is a wide range of Roofpaint colors and we can forward you the different options, however please note although it can be used as a guideline actual colors may vary.


As Roofpaint is made to withstand the severe South African sun and weather conditions, it is normally a high quality paint and can be used for several other purposes, like painting steel fencing and balustrades where it can outperform a more expensive alkyd enamel coating. In certain instances properly prepared and primed, wood can also be painted with roof paint as not only is it a durable product, it also has very good water proofing qualities. Roof paint has many applications other than just roofs and any experienced contractor knows there is many places where a Roofpaint will outperform standard more expensive products. Although Roofpaint is very versatile it has its limitations and should not be seen as a fix-all for everything.

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