Eco Friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Paint

At ProNature you receive a guarantee that only natural elements such as beeswax, plant oils and extracts are used in their Wall Paints and Wood finishes. Many companies place a ‘lead-free’ disclaimer on their products, but this does not necessarily mean eco-friendly. ProNature is manufactured by Enviro Touch who is currently the only company in South Africa, who produces a range of 100% natural finishes products (including wall paints, wood and stone finishes).

Their products are specially formulated and researched and offer the purest, environmentally sound alternative to modern-day synthetic living. These paints only contain the most natural elements such beeswax, plant oils and extracts, which ensures the best treatment, protection and maintenance of all wood and stone surfaces.brush_tins

Things you will not find in ProNature products:

  • Formaldehyde emitting biocides in any form
  • Toxic petrochemical solvents
  • Acrylic Polymers with TEA & N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (May impact foetal development negatively).
  • Ethylene Glycol derivatives (sweet smelling poisons). These are found in most water and solvent-based paints.
  • Alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APES – endocrine disruptors a known problem for human and aquatic life worldwide – found in many water-borne paints).
  • Isoaliphatics (Mineral spirits). Isopar is an Exxon brand name for petro-chemical based iso-paraffinic solvents.
  • Oximes (For example 2-Butnonoxim, a common anti-skinning agent in oil based paints that is not really required to produce quality products).
  • No cement

Founded by German paint technician Bernhard Lembeck in 1997, this product offers the purest, eco-friendly paint on the market today.