Paint For Non Slip Areas

Paint For Non Slip Areas

Plascon Grip Additive is a non-slip additive for floor coatings, both interior and exterior, like stoep enamel. It is designed to provide a better grip and reduce slipperiness of wet surfaces, by adding a non-slip roughness to a painted floor or stoep.

Uses for Plascon Interior Grip Additive:

  • Improves grip during wet conditions by adding rough anti-slip texture to floors.

Features & benefits of Plascon Interior Grip Additive:gripadditive

  • Creates a rough surface to concrete flooring
  • Improves adhesion
  • Easy to mix into paint (powder)
  • Non slip additive
  • Non-flammable

Tips for mixing & application:

  • To make mixing the additive powder into the paint easier, remove about 10% of the paint can content before mixing the grip additive into the paint slowly.
  • Stir into paint with a flat paddle.
  • Use 20 grams of additive for every one liter of paint.
  • Apply with method brush or roller.
  • Easily cleans with water