Durable Exterior Wall Paint

Durable Exterior Wall Paint

This durable exterior acrylic emulsion is a paint with excellent flexibility and superior waterproofing properties. It is sheen in appearance with a spreading rate of 5m² /l and come in white and paste tint base colours. The spreading rate is dependent on the quality of the surface it is being applied to, as well the technique used when applying the paint.

Uses for Plascon WallSeal:

  • Waterproof coating for plastered walls

Features of Plascon WallSeal:

  • Low dirt retention
  • With high flexibility, this paint are able to expand and contract over cracked surfaces
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent exterior durability
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs are organic chemical compounds which have high vapor pressures and which can affect your health and the environment)
  • Low water absorption to prevent the ingress of moisture and dampness (better waterproofing than regular acrylics)
  • Non Flammable


  • For best results, apply paint with method brush, roller or airless spray
  • Thinning is allowed
  • Do not use Plascon WallSeal as a topcoat on roofs.
  • Can be cleaned with water
  • Not suitable to seal concrete dams or ponds or surfaces which are permanently immersed in water