How To Deal With Damp

How to deal with damp

Plascon Dampseal is a white, synthetic polymer heavy textured paste which comes in a single pack. This water-barrier coating fixes the effects of rising and intrusive dampness, on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Uses for Plascon Dampseal:

  • Can be used both interior & exterior.
  • Ideal for rooms where dampness regularly occur (bathrooms, cellars, living rooms etc).

Benefits of Plascon Dampseal:download

  • An excellent sealant. It protects subsequent paint coats against the effects of dampness.
  • Protects against peeling of paint and mold development.
  • Excellent adhesion to both wet & dry surfaces.
  • Plascon Dampseal forms a barrier which water cannot penetrate.

The spreading rate is 3 m²/ℓ. But do take note that the spreading rate might differ due to the condition of the surface it is being applied to. This product can only be applied by brush and cleans with turpentine. Before using Plascon Dampseal on your exterior and interior surfaces, ensure that the area is clean and dirt free before application, but the surface are allowed to be slightly damp. This product is not recommended for use on gypsum plaster and equally soft surfaces. Plascon Dampseal may be over coated with a good quality enamel paint.