Exterior Wood Paint

Exterior Wood Paint

Rubbol is a superior quality penetrating wood preservative perfect for most exterior wood protection and even wooden decks. It is water repellent and penetrates the wood effectively.

Rubbol can be used on all exterior wood surfaces (windows, barge boards and doors). This product is highly durable. Because Rubbol is a penetrating wood protection product, previously varnished surfaces needs to be sanded down before applying Rubbol, allowing for a thorough soaking into the wood.


– Rubbol is not a varnish, thus it will not flake or crack on exterior wood surfaces.

– This product is not paint and will not harm your exterior wood surfaces. Rubbol enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

– After the first coat has worn through after 6-12 months, simply apply another coat, saving money and effort.

– Easy to apply (Not sticky)

– Excellent water repellent abilities

– Excellent absorption and adhesion to wooden surfaces

rubbolRubbol is a low sheen solvent base product and available in Colour Clear (Un-tinted: Light Brown & Mid Brown) and in a neutral colour. All three of these exterior wood protection products can be intermixed in any proportion.


– Exterior wood surfaces should be sound and free from dirt, dust, oil and grease and thoroughly dry before applying Rubbol for wood protection.

– Do not apply Rubbol to your exterior wood surfaces in wet weather.

– Do not apply directly to bare metal surfaces (stop nail holes with a good wood filler)

– Apply Rubbol sparingly (otherwise it will form a film which might blister and crack)

– Allow product to dry thoroughly on your exterior wood before applying a second coat.

– Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

sadrgadrgaSpreading rate is approximately 10m² per liter depending on surface porosity, profile and application method. Application by brush usually requires 3 coats and drying time is 4 hours for touch drying.

Rubbol is a very expensive product and cost more than double what other well-known branded products costs, but Rubbol is the Rolls-Royce of wood preservatives and worth every cent. We have properly coated standard new pine pergolas with Rubbol and 15 years later they are still in perfect condition and looks as if they were put up yesterday.