How To Treat Wooden Decks

How To Treat Wooden Decks

This product is ideal for the treatment & protection of wooden decks. It is durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear, as proven by the decks at the Waterfront in Cape Town. It is specifically designed to protect and add life to outdoor wooden decks, but also, it can be used on furniture that is kept outside (patio furniture etc) and even log cabins.

Rystix Armadek is a high-quality water based protective coating ideal for the treatment of wooden decks. It’s a tough acrylic based coating with a low odour and forms a powerful resistant coating on treated wood, making it perfect for wooden decks. Take note this is not a varnish, therefore it won’t flake or start to peel (make sure you always apply Rystix Armadek to clean and dry surfaces).

This product has an incredible high UV resistant degree and ingredients that prevents and protects against fungal and insect infestations. Not only does Rystix Armadek have proven capability and durability in the worst of climates, it is also micro-porous, which allows the wood to breathe. It can be used for the treatment of external woods and the protection of natural timbers, like wooden decks or cabins, but do not apply a water based product to a wood with high natural oil content, such a Teak & Cedar. Armadek can be applied by pad applicator, roller, spray or brush. If the product have been used before to treat the wood, it is only necessary to clean the surface with soapy water and allow it to try before applying the new coat. The lifespan of the product is to be determined by the physical abrasion, rather than the climate.

The color range of Rystix Armadek is available in CLEAR, which are highly translucent and brings out the natural essence of the wood, and 5 standard shades with a satin sheen: CLEAR, OREGON, MAHOGANY, BROWN, ROSEWOOD & IMBUIA. If you are looking for more UV protection, we advise using one of the products in the STANDARD range to treat your wooden deck.rystix

Rystix Armadek is fast drying and works great for any outdoor wood, especially wooden decks. For coverage you are looking at 10m2 per liter. Allow 2 hours drying time between coats (this may vary due to season, temperature, and exposure to UV etc.). For optimal results, re-apply an additional coat after 12 months. Rystix Armadek can be stored for numbers of years, given that the container is still full and sealed properly.