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Duram NuGlo Water-based Enamel Paint

This tough, odourless, exterior water-based enamel paint is a unique polyurethane acrylic which dries to smooth, velvety medium sheen finish. It is environmentally friendly and can be used to paint both interior and exterior surfaces. Duram NuGlo is non-yellowing and UV resistant, enhanced by polyurethane for added strength and durability. With it being lead-free water-based enamel, it is safe to use the paint in nurseries and for toddler toys.

It protects and easily decorates interior & exterior paint surfaces (cement, plaster, wood or metal as top coat), ensuring a tough and easy to clean finish in work rooms like kitchen, bathrooms and nurseries. It is also suitable for painting toys, door and window frames and window sills. This water-based paint also prevents doors and window frames from sticking together.

Advantages of Duram NuGlo Water-based Enamelnuglo

–          The polyurethane results in a tough surface that does not flake, crack or fade over time

–          The paint is non-drip for easy application and has excellent adhesion.

–          Quick drying (2 hours give or take)

–          Easy to clean brushes with water after painting (water-based)

–          It is non-flammable

–          Resistant to household chemicals and everyday abrasions

–          Low odour

–          Excellent UV & weather resistance

–          Comes with an 8 year guarantee

–          Colour formulations are lead free

–          Child friendly

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