Natural Paints

Natural Paints

Unlike conventional paints, fully natural paints do not produce dangerous fumes, making it not only environmentally a great option, but also it is not harmful to your health. True natural paints are biodegradable as they are made of plant-based, milk-based and clay-based natural ingredients. This ensures that the paint can be easily cleaned and disposed of without causing harm to the environment in any way. natural paints

Natural paints are free of petrochemicals, VOCs and other synthetic ingredients. There are some semi-natural paints that contain some of these chemical ingredients, but they still contain a large amount less than conventional paints. Natural paints are:

  • Safe and free of any chemicals. They are made from raw ingredients like clay, marble, chalk and earth and mineral pigments. Most of these natural paints are a 100% zero-VOC.
  • Made of natural ingredients that is minimally processed and thus consumes much less energy as conventional paints. Most of the ingredients used in natural paints are abundantly available like clay.
  • Better for your general health and the environment.
  • More breathable than regular synthetic paints and contributes to good room climate and could even prevent moisture problems.

Even though natural paints might not come in such a vast array of colours like regular paints does, it still has a relatively wide range of colours available.

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