Propaint Goes Eco Friendly

 Propaint goes eco-freindly

At Pro Paint we believe not only in providing world class service, but also in using products that are cost effective and eco-friendly. We pride ourselves on not only caring about the quality of work we provide, but also the environment and the footprints we leave. We have included some new eco-friendly, more green options to the products we use.

Emissions from VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can be found in paint, can affect the environment and your health negatively. For this reason, it makes sense to consider paints with a lower or no VOC. Pro Paint uses products like ProNature Paints which offers a range of eco-friendly products made from natural elements such as beeswax, plant oils and extracts. Under their range of products they have wall paint, plaster primer, wall protection, rock paint, wax balm and mould stop.eco10

Dulux and Plascon has aligned themselves with global VOC standards with their premium ranges of low VOC water-based, lead-free paints which conform to EU directive 2004/42/EC and are aligned with Green Star Rating of the Green Building Council of South Africa. Therefore, Pro Paint encourages the use of Dulux and Plascon in their green range. Plascon has introduced eco-friendly paints which complies with the highest environmental standards and has several great green products we at Pro Paint recommend using. In this range, they have Plascon Professional Evolution which is a range of paints with no VOC and is solvent-free (interior paint). These paints deliver the same performance and quality as all the other Plascon premium paints and come with a full 5 year guarantee. They also have Plascon RemoveAll, which is a new eco-friendly product designed to prepare surfaces prior to coating. This is a water-based, non-toxic product which uses a patented selective adhesion release agent.

Another product which promotes a more green approach to paint, is Prominent Paint with their Evolve range. This is a new generation of environmentally friendly paint manufactured from mostly natural organic raw material with zero VOC and is a 100% lead-free and comes with a 10 year guarantee for Evolve top coat.

If you compare normal paint to eco-friendly paint, their differences are that eco-friendly paints are water-based and are made from locally sourced and natural materials, does not contain lead and thus, have a much lower carbon footprint.

Pro Paint is proud to be part of the solution to a greener environment by using eco-friendly paint products. Contact Pro paint for further information, quotes or advice about eco-friendly products and paint service.