Damp Free Interior Paint

Damp Free Interior Paint

BreatheCoat, a South African product, is a lead & solvent free paint, which makes it environmentally friendly. It is based on a breathable membrane technology, which means the paint are water repellent and yet, let moisture from the surface evaporate, leaving you with damp-free walls and surfaces. BreatheCoat was first used to enhance the beauty of historic buildings in the Stellenbosch area in 2000 and has since grown and are available to the public.


Being an environmentally friendly paint product, BreatheCoat is the perfect paint for use in homes, as it poses no health concern. It has great anti-fungal properties, which is ideal for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, where mold and mildew forms easier due to the high moisture. This paint can be used on both interior and exterior walls.

Founded by Siegfried Domröse who also invented the ‘breathable’ wall paint technology, BreatheCoat is based on a unique polymer nano-technology which makes walls painted with BreathCoat still ‘breathable’. This ensures that moisture and damp can still ‘escape’ walls, leaving you with dry walls with no fungus or dampness on the walls. BreatheCoat are completely free of harmful chemicals & odour, which means NO VOC, making it an ideal paint option for your home, food processing environments like restaurants etc. It is also fire retardant.

BreatheCoat is mixed with water (it comes in powder form). The polymers in the ingredients of the paint form a breathable membrane much like your own skin (the membrane is big enough to let water vapour molecules through, but small enough to let larger molecules pass).

These paints are available in a range of tones and colours and hides hairlines cracks efficiently. Not only does this paint have excellent weather-resistance, but also all tools and brushes are cleaned easily with water. The paint is so environmentally friendly, it can even be flushed into the septic system, causing no harm. Applied most commonly by brush or roller, but it can also be sprayed on. Heavier products under the BreatheCoat range like Texture are best applied by brush.

Philip, owner of PROPAINT, has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. He worked on several Breathecoat projects, including the repainting of the entire Spier Wine Estate with BreatheCoat, as well as old Paardevlei Historic buildings. Other projects include several high-rise buildings on the Strand beachfront to several high profile estates like Vergelegen & Rickety Bridge etc.