Industrial Cooling Paint

Industrial Cooling Paint

Some roofs and buildings need to stay cool during our somewhat harsh South African climate in the summer – places like poultry houses, pig houses, seed warehouses, fresh produce package sheds and many more and Cosmodec’s Sno-cote is the perfect product.

Sno-Cote cooling paint with infra-red thermal radiation reflectors, is applied to the roofs of buildings (also walls where necessary) for cooling the structure dramatically. When the temperatures were measured inside a building painted with this product, the temperature of the roof sheets and walls dropped up to 30 degrees centigrade.

Why use Sno-Cote?

  • This is a water-based product and consists of a dispersion containing state of the art particles.
  • Approved by SABS tests as highly effective radiation barrier.
  • Superior adhesion, opacity, high cooling capacity, chip resistant, peel resistant with excellent rust fighting capabilities.
  • Acid resistant, waterproof, long lasting, impact resistant and unaffected by UV light.
  • Versatile: can be applied to ANY surface (including galvanized iron without a undercoat, although we recommend using one).
  • Dries quickly: Exterior drying time in dry weather is no more than 30 minutes to the touch.
  • Because it dramatically reduces temperatures, when used in building like fruit packagers and storage facilities, it helps prolong the life of the fresh produce due to keeping it cooler.
  • Non-toxic
  • Acoustic insulator & easy application
  • Seals asbestos fibre roofs
  • Cost effective (about R1500.00 excl. vat, for a 20 Lt. with coverage of approximately 85-145 m2 – 4 – 8 m2 per lt.)
  • Energy & cost saver
  • Available in white, red, grey, blue, green, yellow
  • Uses: Shopping centres, fresh vegetable sheds & warehouses, tobacco sheds, food wholesalers, houses, factories, schools, clinics, store rooms, offices, hotels, dormitories, grain silos etc.

When using Sno-Cote on flat concrete roofs, it helps to prevent thermal shock which normally causes expansion and contraction to these structures, causing cracks and leaks. When used in a structure like chicken coops or factories, it increases live carry capacity by atleast 25% and decreases heat stress mortality by more than 90%. Thermal shock is reduced by up to 50% and prolongs substrate life by up to 300%snocote

According to the FSEC who has evaluated the solar reflectance of 37 different roofing materials, it is the general conclusion that white roof materials exhibit the best performance. On the other hand, silver reflective aluminium paints did not perform as well as other, purely because even though it has a high solar-reflectance, it also has a low infrared emissivity, which means it tends to hold they heat it absorbs. It is suggested though, that green-coloured pigments with large particle size may further enhance the performance of solar reflective non-white paints.

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