Industrial Roof Paint

Industrial Roof Paint

We normally do not spend much time looking at our industrial roofs, nor give it much thinking, that is until it starts leaking or giving problems. The difference between an industrial roof coating and regular roof paint, is that industrial roof paint is defined by its protective, rather than aesthetic qualities, even though it can also be visually pleasing.

If you have a metal industrial roof, it is constantly exposed to the elements of the South African climate. Corrosion will eventually wear through steel (sheet steel), causing weakness in the structure and become perforated, which in turn causes leaks. This can result in damaged equipment and machinery which no business could afford.

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PROPAINT can professionally inspect your roof and assist and provide you with the best options available for all your industrial roofing requirements. Most industrial coatings are used for the control of corrosion, but also for resistance to fire and the elements. Most common ingredients in the industrial coatings are polyurethane, epoxy and urethane. For a straight forward treatment, a primer, and intermediate coat and a top coat are applied. This acts as an excellent barrier between the roof and elements.

Should you notice rust on your roof, but no leaks are evident, a anti-rust product can be used to stop the corrosion as the epoxy catalyse in the rust on your roof, preventing rust to re-occur. Be sure to coat the roof with a durable urethane for long-term durability. Take note that low pitched roofs tend to get more exposure and have the tendency to accumulate more dirt than other roofs.

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