Professional Roof Painting

 Roof Painting

PROPAINT are a team of professional painters, who caters for both residential and commercial properties. Painting a roof takes experience and qualified staffs to ensure you get not only a great end product, but a job thoroughly done. Preparation in painting a roof is crucial.

Things to consider when painting a roof:roof-painter

  1. Take into account what sort of roof you have. Is the roof painted already? Is it a galvanized roof? Also look at the age of the roof and the general condition before buying new paint.
  2. Does the roof need replacing or painting – check the condition of the roof all over and take into consideration the age of the roof. If the roof is really old and damaged, then replacing the roof should be considered.
  3. If a roof is in general good condition, painting is much easier, as there is less preparation. Old uncoated roofs may look stable, but will have a vastly reduced layer of zinc and may need a second coat of primer before being painted. If a roof is rusty and flaking, it should be thoroughly and correctly prepared.
  4. Think about the location where your property is based – is it close to the ocean? Properties in these areas should have two coats of primer applied before applying the topcoat on the roof.

roof paintingWhen choosing a colour of paint for your roof, take note of these tips:

  1. Incorporate the colour of your overall colour scheme with the colour you wish your roof to be. This will add value to your property and be aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Paints like NuRoof Cool reduce heat and has an up to 12 year guarantee.
  3. Should you choose a colour not suited to the rest of the property/ building, the roof will dominate the property and it will appear unbalanced.
  4. When choosing paint for your roof, look for added features like UV resistance. The roof receives more wear & tear and sun than any other part of the building, therefore you should have a good UV protector in your chosen paint, making the colour selection important.
  5. If you live in a complex, you are probably restricted and can only use certain colours to match the general look of the complex. Find out before you purchase your paint what the guidelines are.

PROPAINT Painting & Renovations offers not only experience and quality workmanship, but also use staff who is fully trained in painting of roofs. For a competitive quote on roof painting, contact us today!