Industial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are paints that are applied on various hardwearing surfaces like concrete or steel. It is applied to not only be decorative, but to offer superior protection on these surfaces. On the market there are quite a few different industrial paints like resins, dry film lubricants, xylene amongst others.

Plascon recently introduced new products to fall in line with other products – Protective Coatings & Professional. In this range is Plascosafe Economical Primer – a single pack water-based anti-corrosive primer that accepts a wide range of topcoats, both solvent and water-based, a general purpose enamel DTM (Direct to METAL) – a medium quality alkyd-based gloss enamel to be used as a decorative and protective finish on interior and exterior mild steel, galvanized steel, timber and masonry. This not only saves time, but also money as the DTM technology combines the primer and topcoat. There is also Plascosafe 500 DTM, part of the Direct to Metal group, this product is a single-pack DTM water-based coating and is ideal for application to mild and galvanized steel.

Typically, industrial coatings are applied for protection, be it from wear and tear or corrosion. It can also be applied to act as an added protection, making it more fire resistant. Polymers are the most frequent product used for industrial painting. These include epoxy, urethane, fluro-polymer and polyurethane. A typical coating system may include a primer, a intermediate coat and a top coat.

Most industrial surfaces are prone to corrosion, rust and abrasions. For this reason an industrial coating is recommended for industrial surfaces. Covering your industrial surfaces with this type of paint, if often the only defense against corrosion and damage to the surfaces. Industrial coatings also help them retain their sheen & hardness, extending durability. Another use of industrial coatings will be for safety reasons, and products include non-slip paints. By choosing the correct industrial coating, you can be assured of the longevity of your industrial surfaces.

When thinking of applying paints like an industrial coating, it is imperative using a professional to apply the paint. Not only do we at PROPAINT have experience in applying these products, but we will also be able to recommend the correct product, best suited to your needs.

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