High Performance Coatings

High Performance Coatings

Sigma Coatings is a formidable leader in the industrial coatings industry providing durable, high performance coatings over many decades for exceptional protection of structures in some of the most aggressive environment conditions the world has to offer.


Some of the products in their range are SIGMADUR, SIGMACOVER, SIGMATHERM, SIGMAPRIME to name but a few. Used for the protection of ships, outdoor structures who need more than regular protection and for industrial buildings.

SIGMADUR: This finish coating gives exceptional protection for structures that needs to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The products in this range deliver maximum resistance to splashes and spillages and mild chemicals.

SIGMACOVER: This range features high performance anti-corrosive epoxy coatings designed for application to new construction, as well as for maintenance and repair to existing structures. It has the ability to withstand long periods of exposure before having to re-coat.sigma-b

SIGMATHERM: A reliable, heat-resistant range which offers high-quality, high-performance, heat-resistant coatings developed specifically to meet these challenge and are able to cope with extreme temperatures.

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